BLACK and Education
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Computer Science Through the

Computer Science Through the

This new website is designed to complement our Black and Education website and to teach the principles of computer science through the technologies of the Web.


Stories about Black History

Dozens of researched stories about heroic figures and events that are seldom discussed in school.  


Danita Smith is the founder of Red and Black Ink, LLC. She writes about history and education from the perspective of real life—as a person who has graduated from a public school system, obtained her bachelor’s degree in business administration, obtained her M.B.A. from an HBCU and secured jobs in a STEM-related field for over 20 years. During that time she was a corporate trainer, a business manager and a hiring manager.  

She is now applying her skills to the study of computer science.  She hopes her real-world experiences will help others as they seek to ensure their own growth and development and the growth and development of their children.

Ten Things Your Child Should Know

(Pre-K - 5th Grade)

Have you ever wondered if your child was developing important skills in school?  

Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing and Math offers lists of important skills, as well as activities you may want to reinforce with your child as he or she progresses through the 5th grade.  

What if you could anticipate what your child might learn in future grades?

Available HERE and via Amazon.

Stories about Black History: Vol. 2 (includes Vol. 1) and Vol. 3

Since 2014 we have released stories about black history, regularly.  Many of our stories have been incorporated into paperback and e-books.  

All Stories about Black History books are available HERE and on Amazon.  

You can also JOIN OUR MAILING LIST to receive these stories, as they are released.