Red and Black Ink, LLC

Danita Smith, Founder of Red and Black Ink, LLC

Danita Smith, Founder of Red and Black Ink, LLC

Danita Smith is the founder of Red and Black Ink, LLC, a company dedicated to uplifting our children through education and history.

She has an M.B.A. and a B.S. degree in business administration.  She is currently enrolled in a B.S. degree program focusing on web programming and design. 

She has worked in a STEM-related field for over twenty years, serving as a corporate trainer, a business manager and a hiring manager—requiring extensive knowledge of disease states, how medicines work in the body, quantitative analysis and scientific applications.  

She is now pursuing a career in computer science.  She has studied C++ at a collegiate level, studied Java on her own, completed numerous continuing development and online courses—all in addition to enrolling in a degree program in web programming and design.

She has authored several books on black history and education including Stories about Black History, Ten Things Your Child Should Know and Teach Your Kid at Home: Fractions.

She started Red and Black Ink, LLC to help parents play an active role in the academic development of their children. 

She is the proud single mother of one son who has graduated college with a 4.0 GPA in Software Development and Security and who is now seeking to teach children how to program.

She now hopes to share, and teach, what she is learning in the areas of web programming and computer science to others so that they can be exposed to these growing fields of opportunity.

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