Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing, and Math: 3rd Grade

Third Grade

In the third grade writing becomes even more prominent.  Children will be expected to write down their thoughts in paragraphs and to clearly articulate topics sentences and supporting details.  Some children get through third grade (and even fourth grade) without developing good writing skills.  It is important not to let your child get through third grade without advancing his or her writing capabilities as they should be expected to write multi-paragraph reports in subsequent grades.

Children will also be expected to read longer pieces of material and they may also be introduced to multiplication and division, and more.

Selected Skills:

  1. My child is able to read words with complex patterns like “ight” (“fright”), “eight” (“weight”), and “eigh” (“sleigh”). 
  2. My child can figure out the meanings of many unfamiliar words by studying the words around an unfamiliar word and looking at how words are used in sentences.
  3. My child has a general understanding of the basic units of measurement for the U.S. Customary System and the Metric System (i.e. inches, centimeters, ounces, pounds, grams, liters, and gallons). 

Paperback Resource:

Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing and Math: 3rd Grade, is available on Amazon.  It offers lists of skills, activities and explanations that can help you manage your child's educational development relative to certain skills. Try it out.