They Can't Pull Us Up: Harriet Tubman and Her Life

They Can't Pull Us Up: Harriet Tubman and Her Life


What caused Harriet Tubman to fight back?  What political actions supported the existence of slavery?

These questions, and more, are questions that I posed to myself as I thought about why Harriet Tubman took the risks she did during her life.

Read an excerpt HERE.

There were others (i.e., Samuel Green, her parents, etc.) who also took great risks.  Read about the lives and experiences of many people who are rarely talked about in history and read the words of several famous people who helped to express the real feelings they had during this difficult time in American history.

Ch. 1: The Backdrop for Her Life

Ch. 2: Social and Moral/Religious Support for slavery

Ch. 3: Political Actions That Supported the Existence of slavery

Ch. 4: The Place Where Harriet Tubman Was Born

Ch. 5: Solemn Resolution

Ch. 6: Harriet’s Parents, Other Heroes and the Dover Eight

Ch. 7:  Harpers Ferry and Troy, NY

Ch. 8: From Questions of this Class Spring all Our Constitutional Controversies

Ch. 9: Gullah Islands, Intelligence and the Civil War

Ch. 10: The First Woman in American Military History

Ch. 11: We’re Rooted

Appendix: Final Thoughts

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