Stories about Black History: Vol. 3

Stories about Black History: Vol. 3


Since 2014 we have released short stories about black history. We have now made those stories available in ebook and paperback forms. 

Read an excerpt HERE.

The stories in volume 3 are:

Ch. 1:  Christiana, William Parker and the Horn

Ch. 2:  Justice Department Report: It Is Important to Document Behavior

Ch. 3:  General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas

Ch. 4:  Cell Biologist:  Ernest Everett Just

Ch. 5:  Greenwood - Tuksa, Oklahoma

Ch. 6:  Hiram Rhodes Revels:  U.S. Senator

Ch. 7:  Elijah McCoy:  The Real McCoy

Ch. 8:  Philip Reid and the Statue of Freedom

Ch. 9:  Emancipation in the District of Columbia

Ch. 10: Mary Ann Shadd:  Publisher, Teacher, Activist and More

Ch. 11:  Charles "Buddy" Bolden: A Part of Early Jazz History

Ch. 12:  George Thomas Downing

Ch. 13:  Mary Touvestre:  Civil War Intelligence

Ch. 14:  James Weldon Johnson (1871 - 1938)

Read an excerpt HERE.

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