Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing and Math: 3rd Grade

Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing and Math: 3rd Grade


Have you ever wondered if your child was mastering select skills in school?  

This book offers a simple approach toward helping you oversee and evaluate your child’s educational development in three key areas: reading, writing, and mathematics. These three areas are the foundation for educational success at any grade level. 

Read an excerpt from this book below.

Reading and Writing Skills:

  1. My child is able to read words with complex patterns like “ight” (“fright”), “eight” (“weight”), and “eigh” (“sleigh”). 
  2. My child can figure out the meanings of many unfamiliar words by studying the words around an unfamiliar word and looking at how words are used in sentences.
  3. My child reads books with chapters in them, on his grade level, on a regular basis.
  4. My child is able to make predictions and answer questions about a story she is reading.
  5. My child is able to use titles, tables of contents, chapter titles, glossaries, indexes, and events from a story to gather information about a text.
  6. Etc.


The chapters in this book are:

Ch. 1: Third Grade

Ch. 2:  Third-Grade Math

Ch. 3: Third-Grade Mathematical Skills

Ch. 4: Mathematical Activities

Ch. 5: Reading and Writing in Third Grade

Ch. 6: Third-Grade Reading and Writing Skills

Ch. 7: Reading and Writing Activities

Ch. 8: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Ch. 9: Education Success Stories:  Frederick Douglass

Anticipate what your child might learn and become aware of fundamental skills he or she should develop now!

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