Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing, and Math: 2nd Grade

Second Grade

When a child enters second grade he or she has already been introduced to some basic skills and techniques as it relates to reading.  There are so many things to learn, however, you may want to make sure your child is getting exposed to and knows how to apply important techniques. 

For example, there are consonant blends like "ch" and "sh" and vowel blends such as "oa" and "oo" that children have to learn how to pronounce.  It is so important to make sure your child gets these skills and you may have to be the one who champions the effort, no matter what he or she is being taught in school.  

Also, children do much more with subtraction in second grade and they may even be introduced to what fractions are and how to add and subtract three-digit numbers.

Selected Skills:

  1. My child understands the place value for hundreds, tens, and ones. For instance, the number 324 has 3 hundreds, 2 tens, and 4 ones.
  2. My child is able to round numbers to the nearest ten. For example: 26 rounded to the nearest ten is 30.
  3. My child is able to follow directions given in homework assignments and to complete tasks as outlined in directions. For example, directions for a homework assignment might read, “Circle every noun and underline each verb in the sentences listed below.” Does your child follow the instructions or does he or she simply underline each noun and verb in every sentence?

Our book, Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing and Math: 2nd Grade, may be able to help you guide your child's development of these skills.