Our Books and Resources

Most of our books are available on Amazon, but many are also available exclusively on our website.


Stories about Black History

For years we have released stories about Black History-stories about people and events you may not know or that you may want to teach to your child.  Now those stories are also available in hardcopy form for you to enjoy with your family for years to come. 


Teach Your Kid at Home: Fractions

Our goal, for this series, is to help parents take a look at important topics so that they can be an active support to their children at home.  Teach Your Kid at Home: Fractionsoffers simple explanations that may help parents take a more active stance relative to their child’s homework and schoolwork.  



Ten Things Your Child Should Know about Reading, Writing and Math

These books are designed to help you in several ways: 

  1. To help you to proactively manage your child’s education by giving you an idea of selected skills your child might be taught in these grades. 
  2. To provide you with a list of activities that you can use to supplement your child’s education at home. 
  3. To help you identify areas where your child may need additional instruction, even before a teacher points them out to you.