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5th Grade: Ten Things Your Child Should Know

If this happens not to be your child’s last year of elementary school, it is still an important year because he or she has already had a full year of fourth grade in which to become accustomed to an increased set of expectations that require more independent learning. Thus fifth grade is really a grade where your child gets to “prove” he or she has learned many of the key skills and habits it takes to be successful the rest of the time left in school.

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Pre-K and Kindergarten: Ten Things Your Child Should Know

In preschool your child is likely to learn the letters of the alphabet.  This is the basis of reading in our language.  It is not just the letters themselves, but it is the sound that each letter makes that is important.  For instance, you don’t read the word dog by saying the letters d, o, g.  You pronounce the sounds for the letters d, o, g. 

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1st Grade Ten Things Your Child Should Know (an Excerpt)

Your child learned the alphabet and the sounds that correspond to the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten. She also learned how to read simple three-letter words and some sight words. In first grade, she should begin to learn about special rules that apply to reading. Rules that explain things such as what happens when you combine certain letters—what special sounds do they make? For example, “ike” makes a particular sound

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