Writing in the 2nd Grade: A Book Report


Many children do not develop good writing skills throughout their time in school.  In particular, writing and analyzing works of literature can be difficult for a child if he or she doesn't have any practice.

You can begin early by encouraging your child to do one book report per month, as early as the second grade.

Simply sketch out on a sheet of paper:

My First Book Report



One important event that happened in the book:

My opinion of the book.  I think this book is:

This may seem like a simple exercise, but you would be surprised how children learn to be confident about discussing books once they have had this sort of practice, time-and-time again.

Next, discuss with your child what a chapter is, what an illustrator is and how books are organized (table of contents, etc).

Be sure to congratulate your child and have him or her read their book report to you, in front of the family.  Ask them if they would recommend the book to other family members or friends.

Just some things to think about, as too many children do not develop writing skills in various schools throughout our country.

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