Pre-K and Kindergarten: Ten Things Your Child Should Know

Ten Things Your Child Should Know: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Before your child formally starts school you have the opportunity to expose him to many of the concepts and skills he will be introduced to in kindergarten. As a matter of fact, many schools expect a child to know something about the alphabet and counting before entering kindergarten.

So in preschool your child is likely to learn the letters of the alphabet.  This is the basis of reading in our language.  It is not just the letters themselves, but it is the sound that each letter makes that is important.  For instance, you don’t read the word dog by saying the letters d, o, g.  You pronounce the sounds for the letters d, o, g.  That’s what reading is all about.  In fact you will find that in kindergarten, first, and second grade your child will learn that letters also make certain sounds when they are grouped together.  For example, c makes a certain sound when it’s in the word cat, however when it is combined with h it makes a slightly different sound; such as in the word chair.  So sounding out letters becomes important and it is a skill your child will most likely begin to develop in preschool.

  1. My child can count up to 10 and can write some of the numbers from 1–10.
  2. My child recognizes some of the word names for the numbers one through ten (e.g. one, two, three, four, etc.).
  3. My child knows all the letters of the alphabet and many of the sounds they make.


Example Pre-K, Red and Black Ink, LLC

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The chapters in this book are:

Ch. 1: What Can You Do Before Your Child Starts School (Pre-K)?

Ch. 2: Pre-Kindergarten Skills

Ch. 3: Pre-Kindergarten Activities

Ch. 4: Kindergarten

Ch. 5: Reading, Writing and Math in Kindergarten

Ch. 6: Kindergarten Reading, Writing and Math Skills

Ch. 7: Kindergarten Reading, Writing and Mathematical Activities

Ch. 8: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Ch. 9: Education Success Stories: Mary Ann Shadd

You can get this book HERE or on Amazon.