Tips for Reading in the Second Grade

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By the time a child enters second grade he or she has already been introduced to short and long vowel sounds.  So many three-letter words and sight words are already a part of their repertoire. 

However, it is important to make sure they get a sound footing in reading certain words that contain digraphs and blends.  Digraphs are combinations of two letters that make one sound.

Combinations like:

  1. ch
  2. sh
  3. ao
  4. ee
  5. st
  6. br
  7. etc.

...are ALL important to learn.

Make sure your child gets practice with these combinations.

Ask his or her teacher when and if these things will be taught and HOW.

Sometimes not enough practice is given in school with these combinations and teachers expect that children will practice own their own.  This is important because not that much attention will be paid to learning these skills in third grade, as teachers assume children already know them.

See up time to work with your child as it relates to these special combinations.  Complete simple exercises with words that contain them and ask your child to make up more words.

Make sure your child's homework is done correctly when it comes to reading assignments and see if he or she needs extra help in some areas.  Thinking about these things can make a real difference in third grade and beyond.

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