Writing a Paper: Some Tips

Some tips in helping you help your child THINK about how to write a research paper and how to organize his or her thoughts.

Red and Black Ink, LLC - Writing a Research Paper.

This can simply be used as a template and written down on a sheet of paper to help him or her structure a project.  

Each question (and set of answers) becomes its own section, or paragraph, of the paper.

We cover much more about writing in each of our books, "Ten Things Your Child Should Know," but we wanted to share this graphic with you to help you assist your child as he or she prepares to write a research paper this school year (or really any type of paper).

Many teachers don't want a "right" or "wrong" answer, when it comes to writing.  They simply want to make sure a child's thoughts are well organized and that he or she has supporting information for each argument they make in their paper.


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Danita Smith